Coaches Information

The Waipuna Coaches Handbook contains important information for all coaches from training times to, keeping records, duties and responsibilities etc.

Waibop Playing Regulations

Waibop Coaching Courses, as a coach of Waipuna FC the club will cover the cost Waibop courses. For full details of courses and dates

Waibop Referee Courses

Subbing Systems for 8th grade to 12/13th grade. To ensure all players get fair and equal playing time throughout the season you can use one of the following systems

Lead the Cheer

Before-game Communication and Conflict Resolution Guide

Before-game Communication

  1. Who are the coaches and referee?
  2. Are we going to referee half and half?
  3. What are the rules (have an A4 of rules)?
  4. If there are any issues mid-game, what is the process to talk to the referee?
  5. If the referee has any issues who should the referee approach?


Conflict Resolution

It is not acceptable to stand on the side of the field and yell at the referee.

If you perceive the game is not being refereed in a fair and correct manner:

  • The coach will make contact with the referee in a way pre-agreed at before-game communication.
  • Communication should be conducted away from the teams.
  • This should be at a stoppage, preferably half time.
  • The discussion should be about the rules and whether they are being refereed correctly or about player safety.
  • Opinion is only opinion. As we know your opinion is formed through your perspective. There are times where your perspective will differ from the referee.
  • Request should be made to correct refereeing of player safety and or correct rules.
  • If this request is ignored, then an offer of referee change should be made at half time.
  • If this is also declined, then a decision should be made whether to keep the team on the pitch (due to player safety).
  • If the criticism is around rules and bias, then detailed notes should be taken so a formal complaint can be made in writing by the club.
  • The attitude of the coach and supporters informs the attitude of the players on the pitch. At all times this attitude should reflect good sportsmanship and respect. Your players will learn a great deal by being shown how to handle adversity with both of those qualities intact.
  • This document should be shared with the parents in your team. All communication should be channelled to the opposition coach and referee through the Coach/ Manager.

Waipuna FC will not support the complaint of a team if the qualities of good sportsmanship and respect are not upheld.